Xavi gives his two cents about Neymar and Griezmann

During an interview with Movistar, Xavi Hernandez talked about the chances that Barcelona has of signing both Griezmann and Neymar.

If we wanted to know how Xavi Hernandez felt about Antoine Griezmann and Neymar signing for FC Barcelona this summer, we finally got an answer.

The Catalan former player offered an extensive interview to Movistar where he discussed several topics, he spoke about his chances of coaching his former club.

Although Xavi is willing to take on this massive challenge in the near future, there is a slim chance that he will take it anytime soon.

Hernandez is very aware of the preparation he needs to take in order to do a good job as the club’s manager, he is in no rush to start that specific chapter of his career.

But the most important topics Xavi discussed were about Barcelona’s possible transfers, Hernandez wanted to speak about Griezmann and Neymar.

The midfielder actually shared the dressing room with the Brazilian, he was one of the players who didn’t like it when he left the club.

Although he didn’t mention being hurt by the winger for leaving, it is clear that Xavi doesn’t agree with Neymar possibly returning to the Catalan club during the summer.

Xavi is one more Barcelona supporter who doesn’t want Neymar back at the club, he is one more of those people who felt betrayed by the player.

Griezmann is a different story, Xavi would love having the Frenchman in the squad.

“Griezmann is a fantastic player, he is a world-class talent. He has made a major difference in Atletico Madrid and the French National Team,” said Xavi via Marca.

“I think he is an extraordinary player. His arrival is not official yet, but it appears he will become a Barcelona player this summer.”

“I like this possible arrival. I believe that he is a top-level transfer from a Barcelona fan’s perspective.”

“We need to ask Valverde how he could use Griezmann next to Messi and Suarez, he is the one who will have that task.”

“If they sign Griezmann, it’s because Valverde and the board believe he is capable of playing alongside the people they have in there.”

“I am not on the inside, I cannot offer a better opinion. It’s evident that Griezmann is a spectacular transfer.”

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“I had the chance to play alongside Neymar and we have a great relationship. Bringing him back would be a great accomplishment for Barcelona, but I honestly think it’s almost impossible to do it.”

“We have seen some impossible things happen in the world of football, such as Neymar’s transfer to PSG for those €222 million.”

“Nobody in their right mind could’ve imagined that happening, and it did. We will have to wait and see.”

“There is no discussion that he is one of the best players in the world in recent years, he can really make a difference. But we’ll see what Barcelona decides in the next few days.”

Xavi’s wouldn’t bring Neymar back.

What we need to take away from this statement is Xavi’s certainty that Neymar won’t come back to Barcelona, it’s almost as if he knew something that he can’t reveal.

The Brazilian player is scheduled to speak in public television from Brazil later this evening, he will discuss details about the rape allegations against him and he might express his desire to leave PSG in public as well.

We will have to wait and see what he discusses in this interview, we’ll be eager to see what happens after tonight.

As we discussed before, Xavi Hernandez was one of the players who didn’t understand why the Brazilian made the decision to leave a club where he had everything.

FC Barcelona truly was about to make history over the next few years before Neymar decided to leave, this hurt a lot of people inside the club.

There is no doubt that the institution’s recent low form was directly linked to the damage that Neymar’s exit left amongst the players.

Xavi is on the side of the people who don’t understand why Neymar would choose to come back after doing what he did, the player will have a lot of apologizing to do if he eventually returns.

We also have to see how much of an impact he makes inside the pitch, this Neymar is not the same player who left back in 2017.

What do you think about Xavi’s thoughts on Neymar and Griezmann signing for Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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