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Xavi Hernandez, Johan Cruyff’s pipe dream of a player

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Time to discuss one of Barcelona’s most revered players in modern football who announced his retirement today: Xavi Hernandez Creus.

Football will never be the same knowing that it gave us the brilliance of a player like Xavi Hernandez for two decades, the Catalan midfielder announced his retirement today.

During his last couple of years, the former FC Barcelona player decided to live his final years as a professional footballer at Al-Sadd SC football club from Qatar.

During his time there, Hernandez won a total of 4 trophies and enjoyed his retirement plan as he wanted.

The man just announced that he is hanging up his boots by the end of the current season, this is very sad news for the people who loved watching him play.

However, a new chapter opens up in Xavi Hernandez’s career as a manager.

World Cup and Euro champion has been studying in Qatar to become a professional manager.

Xavi’s obvious idea is to someday get the chance to become FC Barcelona’s manager and he may reach this point sometime in the future.

Hernandez has always been considered a football scholar who has a keen eye for that specific style of play that Johan Cruyff envisioned since he started his career.

Cruyff’s dream of a perfect footballer.

This master plan from Johan Cruyff really started when the Dutchman was a player, it was really a dream that manager Rinus Michels’ had.

The Netherlands’ legend already was a nearly perfect footballer but he always lacked that final stretch that could help him win the trophies on the international stage.

Michels knew that a single player wasn’t enough to achieve this dream and he decided to leave this task to his most advanced pupil.

Cruyff went on to embark on a quest to find the perfect blend of physical prowess and technical ability, something he eventually found in Catalonia.

The legendary player decided to settle in Barcelona in order to begin his studies of the culture and the people who lived there.

Soon, Cruyff realized that he would eventually find a player who could reunite all the skills he always dreamed of.

When he started his career as a manager, Johan spotted a young Pep Guardiola and that’s where the quest started.

Young Pep was only the beginning, the first in a long line of players that would eventually take us to that perfect footballer in Cruyff’s eyes.

Johan’s pipe dream of what a player should be.

The Total Football system evolved into something else.

The Dutch manager soon realized that his methods were better suited to start dropping roots at the FC Barcelona academy, Guardiola didn’t quite reach that perfect player status.

However, the high level of success that Pep obtained as a player under Cruyff was a sign that he was on the right track.

Eventually and after Johan left the club, his compatriot Louis van Gaal debuted a young Xavi Hernandez.

Cruyff immediately spotted this player who was the ultimate evolution of that pipe dream Johan always had, Xavi proved himself throughout his whole career at Barcelona.

This prototype of a player is still the level of excellence that the club keeps searching for tirelessly, there are many young talents who have Hernandez as their main role model.

It’s safe to say there is a before and after Xavi Hernandez at FC Barcelona, he had a massive impact in the club’s model of success in a very different way that Messi did.

The Catalan player is the more realistic vision that the club has adopted in regards to what they need from their best-suited prospects.

Messi doesn’t count because he was a miraculous product of chance that may never be repeated.

But Hernandez is the ultimate example for any young Barcelona product who is climbing through the club’s ranks, he will be sorely missed as a player.

What’s the biggest contribution that Xavi Hernandez gave to football during his career? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.