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Xhaka: “I can’t understand extreme hostility directed against me”

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Arsenal fans booed Xhaka off the pitch after the team blew 2-0 lead, causing an inappropriate reaction and criticism from all sides.

Xhaka spoke to the Swiss outlet Blick in order to explain his current situation.

The public divided into giving support either to him or to Arsenal fans. However, Xhaka was stripped off of Arsenal captaincy after the incident.

“When my shirt number lit up on the fourth official’s panel and our own fans broke into gleeful jubilation, that hit me very hard and really upset me,” Xhaka honestly started.

“It was very hurtful and frustrating. I can’t understand a reaction like that even now, especially the vehemence of it and the extreme hostility directed against me.”

The Swiss international’s descent continued:

“I feel like I’m part of a big football family. But at a time you are already experiencing a lot of hostility and your own football family insults you, it hurts a lot.

“I don’t mean to say that I can’t take criticism. If the team and I don’t play well, we have to listen and work on it.

“But insulting and swearing at your own captain will cause upset and a bad atmosphere.”

“That makes no sense to me and weakens the team’s spirit.”

After all the turmoil, Xhaka is expected to leave the Gunners in January. Newcastle emerged as the primary candidate for the midfielder.