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Yannick Carrasco offered teammate €10,000 after breaking his nose

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Belgium international Yannick Carrasco admitted he broke Jin Pengxiang’s nose in a Dalian Yifang training session and offered €10,000 as an apology

The 25-year-old winger plays for Chinese Super League (CSL) club Dalian Yifang after leaving Atletico Madrid in February.

But Carrasco’s time in China has recently been clouded by revelations over a training ground bust-up he had with teammate Pengxiang.

The pair’s scuffle led to Carrasco breaking Pengxiang’s nose with the apologetic Belgian offering his colleague cash for hospital treatment.

“It was at a training session, because of a collision we had some small conflicts that eventually caused his nose to be injured,” said Carrasco, according to Yahoo.

“From my point of view, I think Jin Pengxiang is a good player and a very good person.

“I also want to apologise to him because sometimes in football, including during training, there are many times when an unfortunate collision like this could happen.

“I also hope that he can recover as soon as possible.”

Carrasco scored seven goals and made nine assists in 25 CSL games for Dalian last season.