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Yorke – I actually want to watch United now

Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United
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Dwight Yorke insists the impact Bruno Fernandes has had on the team makes him actually want to watch his old side now.

Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke hints that it was painful to watch his old side play in recent years.

However, the arrival of a certain Bruno Fernandes has changed the whole dynamic of the team and he is much happier.

Yorke was part of the treble-winning side of 1999. A team that Sir Alex Ferguson built with an ethos of going all out no matter what the score was.

Such play became the trademark of United for years and was somehow lost in the transition to the post Fergie era.

Yorke believes that while it is still early days to talk about title challenges and dominating football again things have become a little easier on the eye.

Speaking to JOE  the Trinidad and Tobago international admits he actually wants to sit down and watch a United game because of one man.

Of Bruno Fernandes, Yorke said:

“The fact that we are unbeaten in 16 games now, that’s a run we haven’t had for maybe three or four years.”

“Of course he’s got the addition of Bruno Fernandes, who’s hit the ground running and made an instant impact, which we needed.”

“We needed something to lift us. It’s a little bit early to get above your station, but it certainly looks a lot more exciting and it’s looked a lot more watchable rather than the way it used to be before.” 

“You can actually now sit down to watch a game of football knowing that, at least we’ve got players who will attack defenders and try to score.”

 “He’s animated with everything that he does.”

“He’s involved from back to front. He works hard for the team and everyone seems to follow him in that sense. It’s just great to see.”

“He’s been huge for us. We needed somebody to really lift the team.”

Is Bruno Fernandes the Eric Cantona of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team that makes them contenders for the Premier League title?