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You need luck to score a goal like that: Quagliarella

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The amazing backheel goal scored by the Sampdoria striker has been shown around the world because it was simply out of this world

Sampdoria forward Fabio Quagliarella scored an amazing backheel goal against Napoli during the weekend.

And his goal has been shown all around the world.

But the striker spoke to Calcio Mercato to explain how he got to score such an amazing goal.

“Best goal ever? I would say so! I was pretty much standing still and then that happened. What a moment,” he said.

“You need luck to score a goal like that so I am happy. I have received many compliments from Naples which makes me happy as well.”

Comparisons started between him and Cristiano Ronaldo, and Fabio was quick to say “he has scored so many incredible goals, he doesn’t need a backheel goal like mine.”

“He is incredible and he will score many Serie A goals.”

Sampdoria won that match against Napoli 3-0, and their next game will be in two weeks, after the FIFA international break.