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You will never guess who Messi’s toughest man-marker was

Lionel Messi, Barceloona, Girona pablo Maffeo
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Lionel Messi names the toughest man-marker he has faced in his career and its not Sergio Ramos or Virgil Van Dijk.

Lionel Messi has played against the very best that the footballing world has to offer.

There are few if any that have got the better of him. He has even been described as “impossible to stop.”

When his team is on the wrong end of a result, he usually comes out on top on a personal level.

Playing for Barcelona and Argentina makes him a regular at top competitions. The likes of the Champions League, Copa America, and World Cup.

Competitions that pit the best of the best against each other.

However, in an interview with DAZN, he insists he doesn’t care if he’s man-marked as it’s all part of the came.

He said:

“Man-marking doesn’t bother me.”

“You know that there will be tough matches.”

“In truth it hasn’t happened to me that often. It doesn’t bother me, but it is strange.”

His response to the next question is a glowing testimony to his opponent. A player who plays in mid-table second division side Girona.

He was asked who was the toughest player who had man-marked him?

It would have been no surprise to hear a Ramos or a Van Dijk or even a Casemiro or Varane.

But Messi gives the ultimate respect to Girona’s Spanish right-back Pablo Maffeo.

He added:

“Pablo Maffeo of Girona.”

“That was intense!”

Pablo Maffeo, we salute you!