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Zaha explains how he’s hungry for success every game

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The Crystal Palace forward has played in Manchester United, Cardiff City, and with the Eagles, but he never loses the will to shine.

Wilfried Zaha has come and gone from Crystal Palace in the English Premier League.

He has played for Manchester United, but also for Cardiff City.

And he never loses the will to shine among footballers; today he explained why.

“With football, you get to a point where you start to think: ‘Do I still love it, or am I doing it as a job?’,” he told The Jackal Magazine.

“For a couple of weeks, I’ve been speaking to a kind of life coach.”

“Going into a game with that mentality, that hunger: ‘I want to score, I want to score, I want to score’,” he added.

“The only thing that can prevent me from reaching my goal is my mentality or injury.”

“It annoyed me so much that it would put me off my game, and then I’d walk around angry for, like, five minutes,” he said.

“Then I can’t do what I do, because I have to be creative and my mind has to be clear.”

“Do you know how tiring it is, being angry?” he laughed.

“It’s a waste of time. There’s so much more to be happy about.”

He also spoke about racism being constantly present in football: “For all the people being racist and wishing death on my family, I wish you and your families the best, too.”

“My life is still very good despite your hate.”