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Zaha explains what his objectives this season are

Wilfried Zaha, Crystal Palace, Premier League
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Crystal Palace star, Wilfried Zaha, reached his 10-goal target last season and he hopes this campaign he can also reach his objective.

Last season in the English Premier League, Wilfried Zaha set a 10-goal target and he reached it.

And this 2019-2020 campaign he wants to get to his objective too.

“All I can do is perform on the pitch. I’m trying to be a consistent performer on the pitch week in, week out,” he told BBC Sport.

“Last season I set myself a target of 10 goals and managed to get 10, so I was happy. Hopefully, I can reach my goals again – that’s all that’s on my mind.”

“I’m very family orientated; I’ve got a big family and I feel that unity is a big thing so I could use my platform to help people back home,” Zaha said.

“I’ve given 10% of my wages, from my first wage, back home to anyone that doesn’t have anything, anyone less fortunate, the mothers who are just by themselves.”

He commented: “I help my sister’s orphanage, called Tamara’s Hope, so I take care of it basically.”

“So all these kids that have nothing, it takes care of them and it brings me joy knowing that I do that, I help those people in living day-to-day.”

“I don’t do it for the accolades or anything. People assume I just play here [in England] and all I do is here but I care about my country and I’ll do as much as I can. The main thing is, it’s from the heart and I do it for my country and that’s all that matters to me,” he added.

“I’m just a normal guy who managed to make it from nothing, managed to become a footballer, realize my dream and help back home.”

“Anyone can do it. You can come from nothing, you can come from this village and then be blessed and then help people. I’m just proud to be from Africa,” he said.

“It’s massive to me, I’m proud because my country’s known for players such as Yaya Toure, Kolo Toure, Didier Drogba, there are many names that I could name, it’s massive and I’m glad I can be part of that footballing culture.