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Zaha price tag because of Aaron Wan-Bissaka

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Clinton Morrison believes that Crystal Palace are asking for a fortune for Wilfried Zaha only because they cannot afford to lose another player.

While Arsenal are eager to bring Wilfried Zaha to the Emirates this summer, it appears that the task is going to be difficult. At present, the Eagles want at least 75 million Euros for their star winger.

And according to Clinton Morrison, the price tag might not be only to get a lot of money out of the winger. The former striker believes that Crystal Palace are asking for so much for Zaha is because they don’t want to lose another star player in one window.

The residents of Selhurst Park have already lost Aaron Wan-Bissaka to Manchester United. With Zaha gone, the club is going to struggle next season.

The ex-Eagles striker told talkSPORT: “Every Palace fan will be happy if Wilfried Zaha stays.

“I think he’ll come back and be the same model professional he is and churn out performances.

“I think he’ll eventually get his move. He and the chairman have a close relationship so eventually Wilf will say to the chairman and say please let me go.

“He has come out and said that, but he signed a new deal just over a year ago and he’s still got four years to go.

“So the chairman is in a comfortable position not to make him go and he’s got to do what’s right for the football club.

“£80m [for Zaha] is a lot of money. I would say £60m is about right, but I don’t think he’ll let him go for that. He’s got another four years left on his contract so the chairman is in a good position.

“Obviously Wilfried wants to play at a bigger club and wants to play at a higher level, and I totally get that because he’s a fantastic footballer.

“But I believe Wilf (Zaha)will still be a Palace player come the end of the window.”