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Zamorano reflects on his days next to Ronaldo at Inter

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During an interview with The Guardian, Ivan Zamorano took a break from Copa America to reminisce about his times with Ronaldo and Inter.

Football history has given us many great attacking duos over the years in Europe, one of the most spectacular was Ivan Zamorano and Ronaldo Nazario at Inter.

The Chilean striker was one of the best forwards from the ’90s decade, he played at Real Madrid with relative success and then moved to the Italian club just after the Brazilian came from FC Barcelona.

Together, both South American players formed a frightening duo that destroyed the opposition during a short period of time in Italy.

Zamorano is currently in Brazil to watch the Copa America, his beloved Chilean squad is about to face Colombia in an electrifying quarterfinal match.

‘Bam Bam’ took some time off his work as a pundit to speak with the ‘Yellow and Green Football’ project from The Guardian.

The Chilean legend recalled when he got away with using his famous 1+8 jersey at Internazionale Milano when he arrived.

Both numbers 9 and 10 were taken by Roberto Baggio and Ronaldo, respectively.

Zamorano wouldn’t be able to use any of both numbers for obvious reasons, but he didn’t want to stop using his favorite.

This is how he came up with a brilliant idea that he got away with for a little while.

“The idea came about because the best in the world had arrived,” said Zamorano during the interview.

“I had to hand the No 9 over to him.”

“The sporting director, Sandro Mazzola, told me to pick a number that added up to nine. I said: ‘Can I add a plus sign?’ He told me not to.”

“I said: ‘How come? Request permission.’ I spoke to the president, Massimo Moratti, who asked the Italian federation. So I played with 18, 1+8, and I didn’t lose the No 9.”

“I did not play with many Brazilians, but I played with the best of them all: Luís Nazário de Lima – among those I played with, Ronaldo is the greatest.”

“The only thing missing from him was what I did best, scoring headers. He didn’t get many goals with his head. Everything else, complete: left foot, right foot, power, ability, magic!”

“He had everything. In training, it was better than the weekend. He was a phenomenon.”

“That was a great Inter,” he added.

“We played with heart. We won the Uefa Cup. We were in two finals; we won one and lost another.”

“Most importantly, we created the essence of a club, something that belonged to the fanbase. Playing with Ronaldo, Vieri, Baggio, Zanetti, Bergomi, Paul Ince…”

“Ronaldo is among the best. Pelé, Maradona, Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Messi, Cristiano, Ronaldo … he’s on this list of the 10 greatest players ever.”

“Injuries are something that no player wants, but when I see a player who has the ability to recover from what happened to his knees, he deserves credit.”

“A lot of people said he didn’t work hard or have that desire. But I was close to him at the time of his knee injury. He said: ‘I’m going to recover.’ He worked like nobody else and came back even better.”

‘Bam Bam’ and Ronaldo dominated Italy.

Going down memory lane for Ivan Zamorano must’ve been just as rewarding as it was for us, we recall the duo he made with Ronaldo with love.

Both South American players really were unplayable together when they were together at Inter.

There are very few attacking duos that can match how dominating these two strikers were for a couple of years.

Only something terrible could stop them from taking over Europe at the time, that was obviously the injury that Zamorano spoke about during the interview.

Inter was about to begin an incredible run in the Champions League if only Ronaldo would’ve stayed healthy.

Zamorano was his perfect companion, but God only knows why these things happen.

Maybe we weren’t ready to witness such an impressive talent yet, Ronaldo really was the first great player of the modern era.

You can ask anybody who watching him either live or on television back then, this was a footballer on another level who got cut short by a dreadful injury.

Nobody will ever forget Ronaldo Nazario and his skills.

Which other attacking duos can match Ronaldo and Zamorano? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.