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Zaniolo’s mother accepts Italy punishment for his son

Nicolo Zaniolo, Italy
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Italian midfielder, Nicolo Zaniolo, was punished and demoted from the senior Azzurri squad to the Under-21 side because of unprofessional behavior.

20-year-old Italian midfielder Nicolo Zaniolo had been enjoying a great run with the Azzurri.

He was even called to the senior squad already, but during the Europan U21 Championship, he behaved unprofessionally and has been punished by Italy coach Roberto Mancini.

Zaniolo has been demoted to the Under-21 side, together with Moise Kean.

And his mother, Francesca Costa, talked to reporters how she accepts this punishment as a way to see his son grow as a more disciplined person.

“All I know is that they were late to a team meeting before the game, I don’t know if there was anything else that they haven’t told me about,” Zaniolo’s mom told Corriero Dello Sport.

“If Mancini or other figures within the Federation sanctioned him, there must be a reason. I don’t stick my nose in these matters, just as I wouldn’t accept – as a mother – someone criticizing punishment I chose for my son.”

She added: “We had a good laugh about it, there’s no drama. I was with my husband Igor (a former player) in the stands.”

“Even afterward, we joked around with Nicolo. I was only a little disappointed for my other daughter, Benedetta, as she is still an adolescent and could’ve been hurt by it, but fortunately, she too realized it was nothing to get upset about.”

“If Nicolo was able to ignore it and focus on his football during the derby, then it’ll be easy if it ever happens again. The opposition fans want to disturb him with these childish methods, but it won’t work,” she said.

“Fame and fortune have not changed him at all. It’s not easy for a teenager to go from anonymity to the front pages, but we’ve been there for him to help the maturation process.”