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Ze Roberto talks about Neymar’s possible early retirement

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During an interview with a German media outlet, Ze Roberto spoke about Neymar’s chances of retiring very young from all football activity.

We’ve repeatedly spoken about Neymar’s biggest problem as a footballer, his compatriot Ze Roberto just pointed out the same issue.

The former Bayern Munich star is following his compatriot’s career from a close distance, he is obviously concerned about Neymar’s denial to change his style of play.

We wrote a special article a few months ago about Neymar’s best way to change his future, he needs to take a page from Ronaldo Nazario’s playbook.

The Brazilian legend suffered a career-ending injury that pushed him to change the way he plays.

Nazario was never the same after that, he never played in the same electrifying way he did during his initial years.

However, what he lost in dribbling skills he gained on goal-scoring instinct.

Ze Roberto is convinced that Neymar needs to make this type of fundamental change in his life, the player already suffered three injuries in the same area of his right foot.

If the PSG star doesn’t make a dramatic shift on his style of play, even Ze Roberto stated that he won’t last longer playing at the highest level.

We could see a new case of Marco van Basten, who retired before he was 30 due to an ankle issue.

Everybody is worried about Neymar, his compatriots are the ones who are most concerned.

The personality that this player has is the reason people always care for him, Neymar is a very friendly person who gets along with everybody.

There have been several opinions from his compatriots over the years, the most recent one came from Ze Roberto.

The former Bayern Munich player spoke to Süddeutsche Zeitung with journalist Javier Caceres.

The concern for Neymar’s career is a reality, especially from his compatriots who want him to play with Brazil for a long time.

“A fundamental change needs to happen, and it’s all inside his head. He seems destined to lose in the ideal moment where he needs to take a step forward,” said Ze Roberto in the interview.

“This is the perfect time for him to take the lead that a massive talent like him should’ve taken long ago.”

“Injuries haven’t helped him, but his head isn’t focused 100% in football. There will come a moment when he could lose the joy of playing football.”

“It’s true that Neymar wants to go back to Barcelona, but I can’t confirm the club feels the same way.”

“If he keeps this up, Neymar won’t be playing football when he is 30. Money and temptation have always existed in the football world.”

“If we look at Cristiano and Messi, they live their lives in a different manner.”

Neymar’s similarities with Van Basten.

The Dutch striker is still considered one of the best in history, he won the Ballon d’Or three times during his career.

We could’ve enjoyed his best football during the veteran years but he was very unfortunate as he got three different surgeries in the same area.

Neymar already went under the knife twice in his career so far, the most recent injury was near the same area but not in the exact same spot.

There is a lot that Neymar needs to change in order to avoid Van Basten’s same fate, but he doesn’t look eager to modify his lifestyle and style of play.

This has been the third warning on that same area of his foot, he can’t keep risking his ankles in such fashion.

There comes a time when ‘Jogo Bonito’ is suddenly not as important as it is for players like him, Neymar needs to realize there are other players who already represent this style.

This is the ideal moment for him to become a little selfish, he needs to think about the longevity of his career and leave the showboating for the younger generations.

We all wish that he could listen to all his compatriots, this will give us an extended career of a truly amazing footballer who simply lost his way in recent years.

Why do you think so many of Neymar’s compatriots keep asking him to change his style of play? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.