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Zidane denies disrespecting Gareth Bale in any manner

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After the fire he caused in front of the media through his statements, Zinedine Zidane denied he disrespected Gareth Bale in any way.

The statements that Zinedine Zidane made about Gareth Bale’s future last weekend spread like wildfire around the world, the manager backed down from them a little bit.

After this Monday’s training session, the French manager wanted to use the excuse of not speaking proper Spanish and decided to back down on his statements.

There are rumors of president Florentino Perez arguing with ‘Zizou’ over his statements with Bale, the chairman wanted the gaffer to consider Gareth for the squad next season.

However, Zidane is refusing to keep the Welshman and his strategy was to publicly say that he doesn’t want him at the club.

This caused a reaction in the president and agent Jonathan Barnett, who was dealing separately with Los Blancos and understood that they wanted Bale to stay at the club.

This is the first major disagreement between the manager and the president that becomes public, but it is not the first one they have by any stretch.

Problems between Perez and Zidane started during the manager’s last year, they started disagreeing on many things regarding the squad’s best interest.

It all started with the goalkeeper debate, with Florentino wanting to sign Kepa and Zidane demanding for Keylor to stay at the club.

Things started escalating as Zidane kept refusing to use players that Florentino wanted for the club, the cases of Ceballos and Martin Odegaard are the more recent ones.

It is very evident that there are many problems between the manager and the president, but Florentino doesn’t have the ability to do much against his coach because of the results he usually gets.

We can’t forget that ‘Zizou’ has won three consecutive Champions League titles, which is the biggest reason Perez wanted him back at the club.

However, it appears that a line was crossed with Bale and Zidane had to come forward to clarify his words.

“I didn’t disrespect anybody, least of all a player,” said Zidane via Diario AS.

“My Spanish can cause problems sometimes. I will try to be as clear as I possibly can with this, with Gareth’s situation.”

“First of all, I never disrespected anybody and least of all a player. I have always said the same thing, the players are the most important for us and I always have their back.”

“Second of all, I did say that the club is trying to find him a way out. Period. And third, which I also find very important.”

“Gareth didn’t come out to play the other day because he didn’t want to, that’s all. He is the one who said the club is dealing with his exit from the club and that’s why he didn’t get changed.”

“Now we go back to the same. Bale is a Real Madrid player and he will train normally today, we will see what happens tomorrow. I know nothing new about the operation,” he concluded.

Florentino was the one who came after Zidane.

During the press conference, Zidane was clearly angry because of the negative effect his words had. But behind closed doors, there is a clear battle between Zidane and the president.

‘Zizou’ is very disappointed with Florentino’s negative response in regards to Paul Pogba.

He believes Perez is not doing the necessary effort to bring the player that Zidane wanted the most apart from Hazard.

Although Manchester United is also playing a major part in this complicated negotiation, Zidane is convinced that the French midfielder would already be under his command if Florentino really wanted him there.

The truth is that Perez doesn’t want to deal with Mino Raiola, but Zidane is asking him to ignore the agent because he considers Pogba an integral part of the future Real Madrid.

This whole disagreement between the two of them is partly what made Zidane react in this fashion against Gareth Bale.

The Welshman already knew that the coach doesn’t want him, but this latest “attack” was completely uncalled for.

We will keep you informed about the latest regarding Gareth Bale’s future, stay tuned.

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