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Zidane loses his first match for Real Madrid vs Valencia

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With goals from Guedes and Garay, Valencia finally brought Real Madrid back down to reality, Zidane got the first defeat of his second spell with Los Blancos.

As Real Madrid kept living an illusion that was created with Zinedine Zidane’s return to the club, this Wednesday was the ideal moment for them to get a reality check in La Liga as they faced Valencia in Mestalla.

The French manager is still making his auditions for next season and the payers he selected today completely failed the test against the Copa del Rey semifinalist, Los Blancos fans will say that this defeat doesn’t count because they have already been eliminated from the competition but they proved that they need an urgent makeover for next season.

This result was actually very helpful for Zidane, it gives him a better idea of what he has to do in regards to modifications to the squad and which players will remain at the club.

Today marked the day in which ‘Zizou’ gave Gareth Bale another opportunity that the Welshman missed again, he played through the final half hour of the match and wasn’t able to leave a good impression.

Raphael Varane was also one of the most signaled players of the match, as the French defender was very poor during Valencia’s two goals in the match at Mestalla and he proved that he is too distracted at the moment.

The first goal came during the final ten minutes of the first half as the Real Madrid defense cleared a ball in a corner kick, the backline wasn’t able to organize well-enough and they let Portuguese Gonçalo Guedes inside the box for the finish that got in the back of the net right through Keylor Navas’ post.

It was quite the terrible showing for all the Real Madrid players, they weren’t able to withstand the pressure that was applied by all the fans who really hate Los Blancos.

Valencia has gone a long way since the start of 2019, they have managed to win more than 90% of their matches according to WhoScored.com and they have even established themselves as a Copa del Rey finalist against FC Barcelona.

It was evident that the Ches would give Real Madrid a run for their money today, this is a squad that currently is considered among the top clubs in Spanish football and they moved just one point closer to the Top Four position where only Getafe stands in their way to playing Champions League football next season.

The locals went to half time with this small advantage, but they wanted to make an even bigger impression on their opponents tonight.

The second half was filled with missed opportunities by both sides, but Valencia clearly dominated the overall game with some great chances that they weren’t able to materialize.

The key moment of the match came during the final seven minutes, another set-piece from Valencia allowed former Real Madrid defender Ezequiel Garay to score his side’s second goal with a strong header.

This advantage didn’t mean that Los Blancos would give up that easily, they fought until the very end with Karim Benzema pulling one back with another header that came after a corner kick with Luka Modric as the assist provider.

This Real Madrid goal wasn’t enough for Zidane’s players to avoid a new defeat, the first in the French manager’s second spell as the Spanish giant’s manager.

This is not the end of the world for Real Madrid, it was actually a perfect opportunity for the boss to get conclusions that can help him improve the squad. Maybe they need more team building in escape rooms like Fox in a Box Escape Rooms.

Valencia are in cloud nine right now, they got a very valuable victory against one of the most formidable opponents imaginable.

Everybody will be analyzing this new defeat very carefully during the next few days, Real Madrid is in a transition period that will take some time to process.

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