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Zidane loses the battle with Florentino over Keylor Navas

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Looks like French manager Zinedine Zidane wasn’t able to convince Florentino Perez about keeping Keylor Navas, Courtois will stay at Real Madrid.

One of the biggest reasons that drove Zinedine Zidane away from Real Madrid last season was the treatment that Keylor Navas was getting from Florentino Perez.

The club’s president has always attempted to replace the Costa Rica international for some reason, he even tried to trade him for David De Gea once with no success.

The French manager didn’t accept it when Perez tried to sign Kepa Arrizabalaga from Athletic Club Bilbao because he loved having Keylor Navas as his goalkeeper.

But Florentino always left things clear, he wanted the Central American player out of the club despite his massive contribution to the three Champions League trophies.

This was starting to look more and more like a xenophobic issue than anything else, it was clear that Perez wanted somebody different due to reasons that are hard to understand.

The chairman finally took the step Zidane always tried to prevent and he brought Thibaut Courtois from Chelsea last summer.

The Belgian international was planned to take Keylor’s place if everything went right but Zidane’s return changed things again, the Frenchman was still very much on Navas’ side.

The last few months have been a constant struggle between the manager and Florentino Perez, with Zidane obviously rooting for Keylor to stay.

However, it appears that ‘Zizou’ has lost the battle against Florentino.

Diario AS reports that the gaffer has surrendered to Florentino’s wishes as he wants to win other battles in the many fronts he has open with the president.

This is starting to look like a struggle more than a partnership between the manager and the chairman.

‘Zizou’ knows that he can’t absolutely win every single confrontation with Perez, which is why he decided to let his boss have this victory.

Keylor Navas is obviously the most affected person from this whole situation, he has constantly been underappreciated and his work has never been recognized as it should from the board.

This can go down as another one of Florentino Perez’s many flaws as a chairman, but nobody from the local press will say anything wrong about him for reasons that we still can’t understand.

You can go through the media from all the Madrid outlets and not a single one will mention this as a mistake from Perez.

Keylor Navas is unprotected by this system, the goalkeeper deserves a lot better than this.

What’s next for Keylor Navas?

The less alarming analysis about Real Madrid’s decision to drop Keylor Navas over Thibaut Courtois can be justified by his age.

The Costa Rican player is not getting any younger, he is already 32 years old.

However, many of the greatest footballers in that position have played until they are 40 years old with incredible results.

It’s clear that Navas isn’t planning to retire anytime soon and there are many clubs in Europe that would love to have him.

The most viable options that Keylor has could be in England or Italy.

Both competitions have high profile clubs that wouldn’t say no to a player who has won the Best Goalkeeper in Europe Award.

Navas recently said that he would only leave Los Blancos if Zinedine Zidane asked him to do so, which is something that could apparently happen next summer.

The French manager needs to sort out this problem as soon as possible because he has many more things to worry about.

There is a whole new season he has to plan ahead, which is why he requires as few distractions as possible.

‘Zizou’ can manage without Keylor and by keeping both Courtois and his son Luca.

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