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Zidane – Real lose”the knives come out” no matter what

Zinedine, Zidane, Real Madrid
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Zinedine Zidane knows that regardless of effort, performance, or extenuating circumstances if Real Madrid loses the fans are furious with the team.

Real Madrid was knocked out of the Copa Del Rey by Real Sociedad the other day. Zidane insists his team gave their all, but the fans are unhappy regardless.

The Frenchman is adamant that although mistakes were made and the result was not what he, his team or the fans wanted, they gave 100%.

To the Madridista, this is not acceptable. Regardless of the circumstances, if Los Blancos lose they are furious and someone has to pay.

In an interview reported by Goal, he admits it can be upsetting especially when he believes his side gave their all.

However, he knows as well as anyone after all his years at the club as a player and a coach it’s part and parcel of representing Real Madrid.

Brazilian Marcelo was singled out by fans, but Zidane thinks to pick on him alone is unfair.

He said:

“It’s upsetting because he gives his all when he plays – not just Marcelo, all the players do – but this isn’t going to change.”

“I can say it’s upsetting, it’s not good because they go out there and play to their maximum.”

“The fans who were there saw that.”

“The fans have a role to play – they could be upset when we get knocked out, but I know they know we’ve given 100 percent.”

“I think Marcelo gave his all the other day.”

“The knives come out when you lose.”

“When we lose, everything gets analyzed.”

” The important thing is my players give 100 percent and he did, I think.”

This is not the first time Marcelo has been on the receiving end from the fans this season. When he was subbed against Sevilla they booed him.