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Zidane wants his son Luca as Keylor Navas’ replacement

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According to information from Marca, Zinedine Zidane bid farewell to Keylor Navas in order to give his son Luca the job at Real Madrid.

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has finally given into Florentino’s requests of dropping Keylor Navas from the squad.

Jugones La Sexta reported on Monday that the French manager decided to tell the Costa Rica international that he is no longer needed at the club.

However, this revelation has a double meaning behind it for the French manager.

There might be a certain level of nepotism that is growing within the squad as ‘Zizou’ has the intention of making his son Luca part of the first squad.

The French manager specifically requested the president that Luca Zidane should be Thibaut Courtois’ substitute inside the first squad.

According to a report from Marca, the French manager agreed to drop Keylor Navas even after supporting him since he returned for his second spell.

‘Zizou’ did this with the intention of securing his son’s job inside the squad arguing that he trusts Luca over the club’s first option to replace Navas, Ukrainian goalkeeper Andriy Lunin.

The young goalie currently plays for Leganes on a loan from Los Blancos and the club’s board just told Zidane he is their first option to replace the Costa Rica international.

Zidane doesn’t agree about Lunin, he wants Luca.

Marca reports that the French manager had a meeting with Jose Angel Sanchez and Juni Calafat about their plans for the next season’s goalkeepers.

They told him about their plans and Zidane refused the idea of Lunin because he blindly trusts his son to take the position.

This decision from ‘Zizou’ might be regarded as nepotism but Zidane is convinced that Luca has the quality to be Real Madrid’s second goalkeeper behind Courtois.

The manager confirmed that he needed time to think about the best way to proceed, but he seemed set on giving the position to his son.

Luca Zidane is currently 21 years of age and still plays for Real Madrid Castilla, he made his debut with the first squad last season against Villarreal at the Ceramica Stadium.

Luca’s second season wasn’t as prolific as he expected due to his position as the squad’s fourth goalie when Solari took charge.

The player asked the Argentine manager to keep training with Real Madrid Castilla and he has remained there ever since.

However, since Kiko Casilla left to play at Leeds United, Luca took his spot as the third goalkeeper.

When his father returned to coach the team, he made his debut at the Bernabeu against Huesca in the squad’s 3-2 victory.

Zidane expects his request to be granted by Florentino.

Given that he has already given into Florentino Perez’s wishes to keep Thibaut Courtois, Zinedine Zidane also expects the president to grant him a few requests.

It appears that an internal war is coming between the club’s sporting director and Zidane himself, Sanchez is determined to pick Lunin instead of Luca.

This might be a decision that Florentino Perez will have to make at the end of the day, but choosing against Zidane could make things difficult between the manager and the club.

The Frenchman himself spoke about his preference for his son Luca and denied this is a case of nepotism.

Zidane spoke to the press back in April about this hot topic, he even appeared a bit angry when a journalist questioned him about his decision to use Luca during the match against Huesca.

“Those who know me are aware that Luca is here on his own merit. He has been a player for this club for the last 16 or 17 years like Carvajal or other players.”

“Luca is a product of the Real Madrid academy, that’s it. People can then think whatever they want and always try to make this personal, but I really don’t care.”

Do you think Zidane’s decision to use his son as Real Madrid’s second goalkeeper is on merit or pure nepotism? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.