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Zinedine Zidane’s new attitude toward Real Madrid players

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We tell you all the details of how Zinedine Zidane has changed his attitude toward his players and also the local press, he is a very different manager.

Now that Zinedine Zidane is back in full swing for Real Madri on his second spell as the manager, the Frenchman has a very different attitude toward his players and the press because he has taken this revolution very seriously.

During his first spell at the club, ‘Zizou’ didn’t really feel like he could call too many shots because it was his very first experience as a professional manager, but everything changed after winning three consecutive Champions League trophies with the club and leaving right after winning the third one.

Now that he became essential for the club, Zidane is no longer afraid of cutting some of the players from the squad and being ruthless against the ones who are not fully committed to the cause.

The very first star that will leave is Gareth Bale, the boss is clear that the Welshman is one of the least important players for the squad and he is completely replaceable for next season.

Another player who will very likely leave the club is Mariano Diaz, a striker who actually left because Zidane requested him to leave during his first spell as the manager is already looking for a proper replacement.

In regards to players who want to leave, Zidane already spoke about the situation with Raphael Varane and he is doing everything he can to convince the defender that he should remain at the club but it won’t be easy.

The old relaxed Zidane still remains but he has a very different attitude now, he knows that he has complete power at the club and he is not going to be afraid to use it when necessary.

All the players know that he won’t hesitate and they are all doing their best to impress him, the Frenchman has a special connection with the club as a whole and the players realized that the gaffer places the squad’s well-being before the whims of any footballer.

The coach has also changed his tune with the press, he used to be a lot more polite and revealing when they asked him about anything but he recently started keeping a lot of information closer to his vest in the club’s benefit and the press didn’t like this one bit.

The result of this has been a relentless attack on his son Luca Zidane, the Real Madrid academy goalkeeper who recently started the most recent match against Huesca.

A part of the press started talking about nepotism at Real Madrid, they believed that Keylor Navas would start this game but Luca did instead and the criticism was ruthless against the manager.

Zidane’s intention to play his son came because he believes this is a perfect time to test him at the highest level, he also thinks that Luca has what it takes to be the first goalkeeper for the squad in the future and he doesn’t like that Florentino Perez signed Courtois during the period that he wasn’t around.

When asked about how personal the attacks from the press got because he decided to play his son Luca for 90 minutes against Huesca according to WhoScored, Zidane said: “It doesn’t change anything for me. People who know me are aware that Luca is here for his own merits,” said Zidane via Diario AS.

“He is a Real Madrid player, he’s been at the club for the last 16 or 17 years, he is an academy product. We could also talk about Carvajal, we could talk about the debut of many players in this squad and Luca is one of them. People can say whatever they want and make things personal, I really don’t care.”

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