Zlatan Ibrahimovic could reach 500 goals in a bittersweet moment

CARSON, CA - JULY 29: Zlatan Ibrahimovic #9 of the Los Angeles Galaxy enters the field at StubHub Center on July 29, 2018 in Carson, California. (Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images)

Swedish legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a huge milestone to reach this weekend, he is only two goals away from the 500 mark that very few players have in history.

Scoring 500 goals in a professional career is no easy task, very few players in history have reached that milestone and Zlatan Ibrahimovic is only two goals from that number. Throughout his career, the Swedish striker has scored goals of all colors and styles but he has become a true icon for scoring some of the most spectacular goals in recent memory. This Saturday Zlatan has a date with destiny, he will visit Seattle to play against the Sounders in a match where he could score the goal 500 of his already incredible career but he would do it in one of LA Galaxy’s worst moments of the MLS season. Ibrahimovic arrived at the Los Angeles club as one of the club’s biggest hopes for success, but the Zlatan’s first experience in this new environment has not been easy as he realized how difficult the competition is despite being a relatively low-level tournament.

This past Tuesday against the Colorado Rapids, Zlatan had the chance to reach those 500 goals, but he didn’t have any luck throughout a match in which his side wasn’t able to get past a 2-2 draw that sets the team back in the Western Conference table with 37 points. Zlatan was clearly frustrated after the game and spoke to MLSSoccer.com about the result: “Everybody talks about the playoffs. The way we play now, we don’t even deserve playoffs. It’s very irritating. The two chances we had hit the bird outside the stadium. This is the moment you show everyone you want to be in the playoffs. This is the game you kill. The opponent is not better than us, but they are better organized, they play better than us, and they want to play. They’re on their toes and they are in the field and playing. We’re doing everything opposite.”

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Zlatan’s next shot at the 500-goal milestone.

The Swedish striker will get his next shot on Saturday, but after this Tuesday’s match he will not be as confident to score the two goals he needs to reach that legendary number that less than 30 players have reached in football history. Right now, only Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the active players who have scored more than 500 goals in their careers and for Zlatan this would be a special way to retire. Out of all the goals that the man has scored during his 19-year career, the striker himself has stated that the one he liked the most out all the official times he’s sent the ball to the back of the net was his overhead kick golazo against England during a friendly match back in 2013. Although that goal may have been the most spectacular that Zlatan has ever scored, it’s impossible for us to pick a single goal out of his impressive repertoire because there are just too many to choose from.

Can Zlatan reach 600 goals?

Now that he is already on the twilight of his career as a professional, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s chances of reaching 600 goals once this milestone comes for him this weekend (possibly) are very low. In football history, only a select number of seven players who have scored more than 600 official goals during their career. At the very top of the list, we have Austrian striker Josef Bican who scored 805 career goals, then we have Brazilian Romario with 772, below him we have Pele with 767, also Austrian Ferenc Puskas is next with 746, then German Gerd Müller with 735, next we have Cristiano Ronaldo with 658, and finally Leo Messi who has scored 617 goals so far. It is still mathematically possible for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to reach 600 career goals, but it is very unlikely given his age. However, we are still in awe for the amazing career the Swedish striker has given us and we will be grateful forever.

Which Zlatan goal do you remember the most from his incredible career? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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