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SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - MARCH 01: Ronaldo Rodrigues de Jesus, soccer world champion on 1994, at Camarote Brahma, during the Sao Paulo Carnaval on March 01, 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Photo by Ricardo Bufolin/Getty Images)

Ronaldão (Big Ronaldo)

Football Player · Retired


Full name Ronaldo Rodrigues de Jesus

Nickname Ronaldo, Ronaldão, “Great Ronaldo”

Nationality Brazil

Position Left back, central defender

Klub –

Born June 19, 1965 (Age 51)

Height 1.87 m

Salary from the club

value –

Titles: 17

Official matches played in total (Teams): 12

Official goal scored in total (Teams): 1

Official matches played in total (Club): 68

Official goal scored in total (Club): 2

Ronaldão (big Ronaldo)


The big defender was throughout his career often criticized for being too slow and lethargic in the turnaround. It may be true, but there are not many defenders with as many titles as Ronaldão today.


Ronaldão played most of his career in Brazil correctly, except for one season in Japan. After he stopped playing, he became manager of Brazilian Campinas FC, but left office in 2006, due to non-payment of wages. Instead, he was advised to professional footballers.


Ponte Preta (1998-2002)
Coritiba (1998)
Santos (1997)
Flamengo (1994-1996)
Shimizu S-Pulse (1993-1994)
São Paulo (1985-1993)
Rio Preto (1984-1985

Ronaldãos club carieer

It all started back in 1985 in football Rio Preto, where he after playing one season moved to São Paulo, where he played left back. In 1991, Sao Paulo defender Ricardo Rocha was bought by Real Madrid and coach Tele Santana needed a new center-half. Tele Santana improvised here and Ronaldão with his great physique was chosen as the new center-half in the team, where he excelled.

The trophies were then rolling to Ronaldão and Sao Paulo, among other things, won two Intercontinental Cups in 1992 and 1993, which is the same number as the legendary Pelé Won in short time.


Then Ronaldão moved to Japanese Shimizu, where he was selected for the Brazilian national team. After playing in Japan, he moved back to Brazil, where he played for Flamengo, Coritiba and Santos before the 37-year-old retired himself at Ponte Preta.

Ronaldãos international carieer

When Ronaldo Rodrigues de Jesus (Ronaldão) was selected for the World Cup in 1994, there was already a promising 17-year-old striker on the team named Ronaldo. Ronaldo Rodrigues de Jesus was therefore called for Ronaldão, meaning “big Ronaldo”. He was not playing at the World Cup, but got a medal when Brazil won the finals. Since Ronaldo Rodrigues de Jesus was called Ronaldão, got Ronaldo Luis de Navarro name Ronaldinho which means “Little Ronaldo”.

He was also selected for the Copa America in 1995, when Brazil won the silver.

Ronaldãos’ international Titles

World Cup Gold 1994 (Brazil)
Copa America Silver 1995 (Brazil)

Ronaldão’s Club Titles

São Pauolo

Copa Intercontinental 1992, 1993

Copa Libertadores 1992

Taca Libertadores da América 1992, 1993

Supercopa LIbertadores 1993

Recopa Sudamericana 1993

Brasileiro Serie A 1986, 1991

Copa do Brasil 1986

Paulista A1 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992


Copa de Ouro Nicolás Leoz 1996

Campeonato Carioca 1996

Santos FC

Torneio Rio-Sao Paulo 1997

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